seenomore (seenomore) wrote,

I really need to rant about this because it's pissing me off,

I was scrolling through my twitter feed and I see a tweet from this girl I'm following replying to someone else's tweet about how people on facebook were stupid. She replied saying, "niggas on facebook can't spell these days." or something to that extend. And that pissed me off because for one she was white, and two when I asked her why she thought it was okay she said "it's not bad when you put an a at the end, even black people use it." Btw, it wasn't just because she was white that pissed off, because I hate when black people use that word also. Second, putting an "a" at the end is just another form of the word, it's still offensive. Third, just because black people use it doesn't make it right for you to say it either and it doesn't make it right. It really annoys me when white and black people use the n word. It's such a hateful word, and I hate seeing it all over my timeline and newsfeed. White people, and other races as well, justify using the word because black people use it. And, black people, omg, they have so many justifications to it. It just pisses me off.
The girl couldn't even hold up her argument, all she said was "k". K what bitch? Ugh. THE IGNORANT PEOPLE ON TWITTER, I CAN'T.
Tags: annoying, i cannot, race, thenword, twitter
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